How To Reset A Ceiling Fan Remote - Video

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Full transcript below:

Welcome to Part One of our new video blog series; How to reset a ceiling fan remote control. I want to start with the W-505 Casablanca fan remote control because it has proven to be one of the systems that needs to be reset most frequently. The Casablanca W-505 is a handheld remote control that is used with the Casablanca Isotope and Trident fan models. Throughout the years, it has been in a few other models, but the two mentioned above are the best selling models using the W-505. The problem with the W-505 platform isn’t really with the handheld remote control. The problem in most cases lies with the receiving unit. The receiver inside the fan loses its frequency setting and will completely disable the fan and light operation. So, if you have a Casablanca fan that uses this system and your fan/light just stopped working, don’t panic. There may be a simple solution. Why does this happen? The W-505 receiver is very sensitive to any kind of power fluctuation. In other words, if there is too little or too much power going through the lines, the receiver shuts off.

So, here’s how to fix your Casablanca ceiling fan remote.

Step 1. At the circuit breaker, fuse box or light switch controlling power to the fan, turn the power off. I have found that the reset works best when the power is off for at least 3-5 minutes.

Step 2. At the circuit breaker, fuse box or light switch controlling power to the fan, turn the power on.

Step 3. Within 20 seconds of restoring power, push the HIGH, MED, and LOW buttons in that order. I have found that this works best if you count to five before pushing the buttons. It is best to let the receiver charge up completely before attempting to reset the code.

If after trying this solution, you’re still experiencing trouble, feel free to call our ceiling fan experts at 800-240-6267 for help.

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