Video: Ceiling Fans with DC Motors – Up to 70% More Energy Efficient

DC Motors are the Best Energy Star Rated Ceiling Fans

The DC motor is the newest motor on the market and has made ceiling fans even more efficient and cost effective.

The DC motor generates more power or torque than conventional ceiling fan motors, while consuming an average of only 30% of the power needed to run non-DC motored ceiling fans. For example, a comparison of the Casablanca Stealth DC and the Casablanca Stealth (the same fan without a DC motor) reveals that the DC motor consumes 30 watts at the highest speed, while the non-DC Stealth consumes 112 watts at the highest speed.

The DC Stealth also has a higher airflow rating. At an average usage of 8 hours daily, this could save you over $40 annually.

DC ceiling fan motors require less electrical current by utilizing an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. This magnetic field requires much less electrical energy to create the torque required to rotate the rotor. In other words, once the ceiling fan reaches a desired speed, a built-in magnetic drive keeps the fan circulating with very little energy.

Ceiling fans with DC motors have proven to be some of the quietest on the market.

The DC ceiling fan motor is virtually silent

and is much smaller than conventional motors, resulting in a much lighter product. Ceiling fans with DC motors will come with either a wall control or remote control and will have six speeds with reverse function. All electronics are centralized into one module, conveniently located atop the motor assembly. No canopy or switch cup manipulation is necessary. The DC motor is currently only used in indoor ceiling fans.

Some of our favorite DC motor ceiling fans are:

  • Fanimation Landon
  • Fanimation Kiestone
  • Casablanca Stealth DC
  • Casablanca Holliston DC
  • Monte Carlo DC 60
  • Monte Carlo 60” Versio
  • Kichler Monarch
  • Emerson Midway ECO—this is the most energy efficient fan made
  • Emerson DC Carrera Grande
  • Emerson Avante ECO

To learn more about these energy-efficient ceiling fans, visit our website at or give us a call at 800-240-6267

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