Flush Mount / Hugger Ceiling Fans

With Flush Mount, low profile and hugger ceiling fans, the motor housing is mounted directly to the ceiling box. Flush mount ceiling fans are the ideal solution for areas with limited clearance. Because they aren't mounted to the ceiling with a down rod, they can provide effective air circulation without taking up extra space.

Flush Mount / Hugger Ceiling Fans

Flush Mount Fans, Hugger fans, Low profile fans are all names that refer to the same type of fan: fans that mount closely to the ceiling. Flush mount fans are to mout directly to the ceiling without the use of an extension or down rod and usually are uses on standard ceilings or those ceiling that are under 8’ height.

Because hugger ceiling fans are closer to the ceiling than standard mount fans, they will move less air than similarly powered standard mount fans. Some fans are considered to be "flush mount adaptable. Fans that are flush mount adaptable can be mounted with or without the use of a down rod. Some come with the flush mount kits and others require that you purchase a flush mount adaptor.

If you’re looking for a more stylized low profile fan, consider the Nikko by Quorum and which is available as both a 44” and a 52”. The Isotope is a nicely styled and well powered flush mount fan by Casablanca is also available as a 44” and a 52” fan.

If you are looking for a updated version of the classic flushmount style, consider the Emerson Prima Hugger or the Quorum Medallion.