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Decorating your home should be a process of procuring the perfect items to complement both your design style as well as home’s function. Ceiling fans are an important component, as they provide both design aesthetic and functionality. When you buy ceiling fans, consider these 10 ways that they can benefit your home.

  1. Ceiling fan Lighting – Many of the best ceiling fans will include lighting in addition to the actual fan. This lighting comes in several options, from up lighting to down lighting in varying levels of brightness
  2. Circulation – Sometimes, you don’t need a cooler room – just air movement. Ceiling fans keep the air flowing through your home, ensuring that the environment does not become stale
  3. Lower Utility Costs – Ceiling fans often provide a great alternative to air conditioning in those spring and early summer months. Rather than turning on the AC which requires more energy, simply turn on fans to reduce your energy bills
  4. Stay Warm – Many of the best ceiling fans can rotate in two directions. While one direction does help cool the room, the other direction will push the hot air which rises back down into the room, helping to raise the overall room temperature while also keeping the airflow moving
  5. Keep the Outdoors BreezyOutdoor ceiling fans can help you to enjoy outdoor spaces in comfort even on warmer days. Consider adding them to a porch or covered deck to keep your skin cool, improving your level of comfort even in the hottest of months
  6. Set the Room’s Tone – The right ceiling fan can contribute to a room’s overall tone. Ceiling fans come in every color, a variety of finishes, and countless lighting styles. By including it in your room design, it can contribute to your overall aesthetic as well as lighting design
  7. Contribute to a Theme – While there are many ceiling fans that are built for function, ceiling fans also come in several novelty shapes. For example, a fan that features palm frond fan blades can be the perfect complement to a tropical getaway. Other fan blades look like airplane propellers or have favorite characters
  8. White Noise – Many people require a bit of subtle background noise in order to relax – this noise that slightly covers background noises, without actually producing noise that people focus on is called white noise; ceiling fans produce the perfect amount of white noise
  9. Keep on Cooking – Open concept homes are quite popular – meaning that the living area is often connected to the kitchen. Odors and smoke from unventilated ranges and ovens can quickly spread throughout the home, but ceiling fans can help to ventilate the space, clear the odor, and save the family from the noise of smoke detectors going off in the evening hours
  10. Discourage Pests – Because of their constant movement, ceiling fans discourage the presence of pests, such as insects. This is true for both indoor ceiling fans and outdoor ceiling fans

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