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Ceiling Fans with Standard Blades

Hi, I'm John at Fan Diego, the ceiling fan store. Today I want to talk a little bit about decorating, decorating ceiling fan blades to be specific. And I have a couple of examples here, of different kinds and qualities of blades. This is an example of a standard blade, and every manufacturer will have a fan with this kind of blade, it's basically a paper product. As you can see, I've sanded it here to reveal that it's really... other than painting this fan blade, it cannot be refinished. Often times, I get two types of questions about blades; number one, can they be painted and two, can they be refinished? So your basic paper product blade might be able to be painted but it cannot be refinished. I say it might be able to be painted because fan blades are weighed within a couple grams of one another and often times that will keep the fan from wobbling. And it's very important that the blades weigh the same amount, so it doesn't wobble.

So if you're going to paint a blade, it's very important that you get the same amount of paint on all the blades and weigh them so you know that they weight the same amount and the fan will operate properly.

Wood Ceiling Fan Blades

Now there's a different caliber of blade, this is an Emerson blade, part of their blade select series. As one example, I've sanded this down to reveal that this is an actual real wood product. So although this blade does come in teak, maple, cherry, walnut, mahogany, comes in quite a bit of colors, and most colors I think would work for most homes, a blade like this can be refinished.

The same rules apply as painting, but this is actually a real, all wood blade. Now most manufacturers, or quite a few of them anyway; Casablanca, Emerson, Fanimation, some of the better manufacturers have custom blades, along the lines of something like this. Now I've sanded this piece down as well, to reveal that this is an actual wood product as well. So something like this could also be refinished. And you really want to be careful when you're trying to decorate a blade because of the balance issue, but those are the basics. We'll see you next time, this is John in San Diego and if you need to contact us, we are available at fandiego.com

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