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Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home, but sometimes space may not allow a ceiling fan to fit safely in a particular room. Perhaps your tiny office at work is always too hot, but you are not allowed to tamper with the air conditioner, and obviously ceiling fans are not an option. For these reasons, wall mounted fans can be an excellent alternative. They are designed to maximize airflow in smaller areas, and can be placed in a variety of locations around the room, especially in areas that may be too small to accommodate other fixtures.

Unlike ceiling fans, wall mounted fans are extremely easy to install; all it takes are a few screws placed in the wall, then you can mount your fan. It is a quick and painless process that can save you time and have you enjoying a comfortable room temperature within minutes. With wall mounted fans there is no complex wiring to deal with, as these fans operate through a cord plugged into your basic electrical outlet. With ceiling fans, you would have to run wires through your walls and ceiling, and maybe even hire an electrician to make sure the job gets done properly, which can become quite costly. Wall mount fans can also be a cost effective alternative to ceiling fans, as they require less energy to operate. Even if your small room could safely accommodate a ceiling fan, it may still make more sense to invest in a wall mount fan. The best asset of wall mounted fans is their versatility. Wall mounted fans are portable, so they can easily be removed from one location and mounted to another, with very little time and effort. These fans are great because they can be mounted almost anywhere, whereas ceiling fans can only be mounted to the ceiling, which can leave certain parts of your room without adequate air circulation. If that isn’t enough versatility for you, then there are also certain models of wall-mount fans that come with adapters, which can turn a wall fan into a desk fan, or even a pedestal/floor fan. This can be a very convenient option for those whose needs can vary with the days. If you are looking for a more direct flow of air, then turning your wall mount fan into a desk fan can give you what you need. Perhaps you have a lot of objects hanging on your walls; you can add the tripod adapter to your wall mount fan, and it quickly becomes a pedestal fan that can easily fit into that unused corner of your room or office. If you have a very small room or office, but would still enjoy the convenience of overhead air circulation, without the inconvenience of ceiling fan installation, then some models of wall mount fans also come with a ceiling-mount option to meet your needs.

No matter what function you may need your fan to provide, wall mount fans are one of the most effective and convenient methods of achieving optimum airflow in a less than optimum space.


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