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Hi, I'm John of Fan Diego, and I want to introduce a new fan by Minka Aire called the Aviation. The Aviation is worthy of an introduction because it is a DC motor fan, and I think a lot of you guys that have seen some of my video before know how big of a fan I am of DC motors. The DC motors are exceptionally quiet, and enable the fan to move quite a bit of air.

The Aviation by Minka Aire is a three blade fan with a 60 inch blade span, which makes it a bit larger than normal. It moves 6600 CFM's, the CFM refers to the general standard of air movement, referring to how many cubic feet of air per minute ceiling fans move, and 6600 is a very high, a very good number. This fan consumes 29 watts in the highest speed, so this fan is generating 6600 CFM, consuming 29 watts, that is a pretty exceptional energy efficiency, and getting past that, you know that's impressive, but the fan itself is exceptionally styled.

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Sleek, integrated design, it's going to have six speeds, it comes with your remote control and you can expect the fan to be very quiet. Your DC motors are not only very energy efficient, but they're also very quiet. So if you want to take a look at this fan, you can come to one of our showrooms, or you can shop our ceiling fans online; the Aviation by Minka Aire.


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