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Introducing the New Casablanca Concentra Gallery

Hi. I'm John with Fan Diego, the ceiling fan store, and I want to take a minute to introduce a new fan by Casablanca called the Concentra Gallery. The Concentra Gallery is what I feel to be a pretty exceptional value. It has a medium size motor, it comes with a light kit, and it's about $269. This is kind of a new thing that Casablanca's done, is they've come out with some fans in between that $200 to $300 price point, what I call a uni-pack fan, with lighting and blades, to compete with some of the other brands that were doing well at that price point. One thing that I find to be very encouraging about Casablanca doing this is that with the Casablanca name, you can expect to think with a fair degree of certainty that the fan is going to be a quality product. The two primary questions that I like to answer anytime I do an introduction for ceiling fansare, how quiet will the fan be and how much air is it going to move?

Casablanca Concentra Gallery Fan Specs

This fan moves 6100 CFM's. It's a 54-inch fan. That's very good air movement for some rooms. It consumes 81 watts of electricity on the highest speed, which isn't bad for a standard motor. It has a medium-sized motor, what we call 172 millimeter motor, and generally the rule of thumb is the bigger the motor, the quieter the product. It doesn't have the motor that they have in the Panama or some of their bigger-motored fans, but I would not have any doubts putting it into my master bedroom. But it's a Casablanca product, and with that motor you can count on it being pretty quiet for you and it's going to move a good amount of air. We've sold a good amount over the last few months that they've been here. We haven't had any come back because of the motor noise. It's what I would expect of Casablanca. I'm not quite sure I'd put it in my master bedroom, but I'd definitely put it in my kids' rooms or living room, where I'm watching TV and playing. To clarify that, out of the box everything should be quiet. I'm looking down the road five, six, seven, eight years or so, that's when the size of the motor and strength of the motor really kick in, in terms of making sure they're quiet, but at $269, the fan comes in four colors, snow white, antique brass, brushed steel and a nice bronze, they call it Arcadia bronze.

Casablanca Quality with a FREE ($75 Value) Remote Control

It comes with your light kit. It's just a great value for those of you who are looking for a good quality product, perhaps on a bit more of a budget, you want a fan and lights, and for a limited time, you can get a free remote control with this when you buy through Fan Diego. A $75 value. It is the remote control made for this fan by Casablanca. And with that deal, it's an excellent value. To see the Concentra and some other nice values, you can check more ceiling fans online at fandiego.com or you can come to one of our showrooms.


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