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Introduction to the NEW Panama

Hi, I'm John of Fan Diego, the ceiling fan store, and I want to take a minute to introduce the new Panama by Casablanca. Now, a lot of you out there probably recognize the Casablanca name, and recognize the Panama model, however this is a new version of the Panama. When I first heard about it, I wasn't the most excited. They are using a different motor than they've used in the Panama for the last 30 years or so. I think that some of you know if you watched some of my other videos, my two primary concerns when it comes to judging fans are how quiet the fan is going to be, most importantly, and secondly how much air the fan will move. Now, this Panama, in terms of how much air the fan move is the best introduction to date, and that means that over the last 30 years there hasn't been a Panama that's moved more air than this Panama. This Panama comes in moving 7,375 CFM's and that is exceptional. When you get into the 7,000 range of CFM's, and CFM's are referred to how many cubic feet of air the fan moves per minute, your fan is moving a tremendous amount of air.

New Casablanca Panama Fan: The Difference

Casablanca tells us that the fan has been tested and it is more quiet than the other Panama's that have been introduced at this point. That's encouraging, but it's a little bit difficult for me to wrap my head around because, some of you know that the Panama is one of the best ceiling fans made. It's definitely one of the best and I can think of some other brands that are exceptional, in terms of how quiet they are, and how much air the fan moves. But this Panama is also an exceptional value. It's a little less expensive than the older standardized versions. This is the new evolution of the Panama. I don't want to detract from the old versions, they're great. Another difference is that this Panama has four speeds. Some of the other standard version Panama's have six speeds. It's interesting that this fan will move more air in your higher speeds than your other one will, you just have more leeway in between your low and your high speeds than the other Panama.

Limited Time Casablanca Panama Fan Deal

This is definitely a Panama that I would put in a master bedroom, or my master bedroom where I want it exceptionally quiet. We have a ton of these in stock right now. They are on our website, and for a limited time, through July, you can get a free remote control, which is a $75 value with the pull chain versions. To see this fan and some of the other great new introductions like the Casablanca, you can check them out online at fandiego.com or come into one of our ceiling fan showrooms.


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