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A common question we get at Fan Diego is: Which ceiling fans are the easiest to install? The Minka Aire F518 and F519 Concept II, as well as, the F593 and F594 Traditional Concept series are the easiest fans I have ever installed.  


Note: These instructions pertain to the fan models listed above.

  1. Turn off the power (at the breaker and the room switch)
  2. Open the box and ensure all of the parts are there
  3. Attach the mounting bracket to the junction box
  4. Snap the blades into the holes in the side of the fan - no screws involved, the blades snap into place!
  5. Use the little “J” hook on the mounting bracket to hold the fan motor while you connect a few wires with wire nuts provided
  6. Connect the fan motor to the mounting bracket by tightening the 4 screws that secure it in place
  7. Put in the light bulb – do not touch the glass of the bulb with your fingers because the oil from your fingers can reduce the lifespan of your bulb and can even cause it to explode
  8. Insert the glass or the non-light kit cover plate
  9. Follow the instructions to program the remote
  10. Enjoy your new ceiling fan!

That is about as easy as it gets. Hunter has a fan called the Five Minute Fan claims that it only takes that amount of time to assemble and install. It may be true. However, if I am looking for the easiest fan to install, it’s the Minka Aire Concept II and Traditional Concept Series. The Concept II is available as both a 44 inch and and 52 inch fans and is in available in Brushed Nickel (F518-BN, F519-BN), White (F518-WH, F519-WH) and Oil Rubbed Bronze (F518-ORB, F519-ORB). The Traditional Concept is also available in both a 44 inch and a 52 inch version and is available in the following finishes: Pewter (F593-PW, F594-PW), White (F593-WH, F594-WH), and Oil Rubbed Bronze (F593-ORB, F594-ORB). If you have more questions about ceiling fan installation, visit our site or give us a call at 800-240-6267.


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