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Welcome to our video blog, “How Ceiling Fans Can Reduce Your Heating Bills This Winter”. Heating accounts for a significant 29% of energy use in homes.

Most people don’t even think about ceiling fans when it comes to heating their homes, since fans are commonly associated with cooling. But when they are used correctly, ceiling fans increase the efficiency of your home’s other heating systems and can save you money!


Following are the energy costs for the heating elements typically found in most homes and the cost to operate them. You can visit the SDG&E website for more explanation on tiered energy rates. For the purposes of the following info we, will simply use high and low…

As you can see, aside from heating pads and electric blankest, fans are by far the least costly to operate. If used, correctly you can probably even do without the heating pads and blankets. So use your ceiling fans to reclaim heat and save money!


Now, the key is knowing how to use ceiling fans to reduce heating costs. The answer is actually pretty simple. Reverse your ceiling fan direction. Ceiling fans should spin counter-clockwise (down) in summer, but clockwise (up) in winter.

How Ceiling Fan Blades Work

Ceiling fan blades are set at an angle, so one edge of the blade will be higher than the other. If the higher edge of the blade is leading the rotation as the fan spins, the fan is pushing air DOWN, and cools. If the lower edge is leading the rotation, the fan is pushing air up and hot air trapped at the ceiling is pushed back down (so your heat is “reclaimed”).

You can read more about ceiling fan direction in our blog post

From the energy-saving experts at Fan Diego, stay cozy!


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