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*For more installation tips and ceiling fan replacement parts, visit Fandiego.comOne of the most common questions people have about ceiling fans is how to go about installing them. Before installing a ceiling fan it is important to know the step by step process of precautions and instructions of how to install your ceiling fan yourself. Our ceiling fan installation process provides clear instructions on how to do it yourself even if you aren’t a home improvement expert. First step to installing your ceiling fan is checking that your junction box is “ceiling fan rated” to ensure it can hold the fan properly. Make sure you turn off your power in your home for your own safety before doing any electrical work. This post is going to assume that you have a fan rated junction box that is properly anchored to a stud or appropriate support. Start with the blade assembly. Attach the blades to the blade irons and then the blade irons to the motor housing.  This part of the assembly can be a little challenging because the parts are a little awkward. Here’s a little trick to make the assembly a little easier. After you have removed the Styrofoam support that held the motor in place in the box and removed the motor, turn the Styrofoam upside down (so the motor sits into it) and place it back into the box. Now, place the motor housing in the Styrofoam  so the bottom of the fan is facing you. This little makeshift “cradle” will hold the fan in place while you attach the fan blades to the motor. I know some of you have seen the picture with the guy on the ladder putting the blades on the fan – but trust me, this way is much more efficient and you will cut your ladder time down to a third. Once you have attached the blades, flip the fan over in your makeshift fan stand so that it is sitting with the blades on the box. Now, attach the down rod, cut the wires to the appropriate length and  connect your remote control receiver if you have one. If your fan has a light kit, flip the fan back over on your makeshift fan stand so the down rod is going into the Styrofoam and the blades are facing you again. Attach your light kit. Now, you have a full assembled fan.  Time to climb the ladder and attach the mounting bracket to your junction box. Once this is done, you can carry the fan up the ladder (most fans are between 15 and 25lbs ) and set the entire, assemble fan into the mounting bracket. Make your electrical connections and secure your canopy and you are done. Your total time on the ladder could be as little at two minutes and possibly up to ten if you run into a few challenges. If you are installing a new fan that has come with a remote or wall remote system, take the time to read the steps that are necessary to sync the fan with its controls to ensure proper operation.


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