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As of January 2018, California home and business inspections will not pass unless all installed appliances are Title 20 listed. Manufacturers can no longer sell or ship non-Title 20 appliances to California residents. 

What is Title 20

Title 20 is part of the Appliance Efficiency Regulation and California Code of Regulations that requires manufacturer certification of “self-contained” lighting control devices in California. “Self-contained” lighting control devices are defined as discrete lighting control devices that can perform their designed function without the requirement of being connected to additional devices.

Common devices that may fall under the category of “Self-contained” include:

• Self-contained Automatic Daylighting Controls 
• Dimmers 
• Line powered Occupancy Sensors 
• Line power Vacancy Sensors

How to find a list of Title 20 Ceiling Fan products

Manufacturers self-certify products to meet the Title 20 requirements outlined on the California Energy Commission (CEC) web site. The manufacturer also must provide a declaration that the information about the products is accurate for the submitted products. The CEC reviews each submission and supports an online database to find the list of approved Title 20 products by manufacturer or technology type. Approved self-contained Title 20 products can be found on the CEC Appliance Effieciency Database.

TITLE 20 LISTED CEILING FAN PRODUCT DATABASE https://cacertappliances.energy.ca.gov/Pages/ApplianceSearch.aspx

California Residents or Businesses:

When buying ceiling fans or lighting, be sure you select the Title 20 version/SKU of the product, if required. With some brands, compliant and non-compliant Title 20 products are priced differently. 


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