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    Ceiling Fan Installation Made Easy

    A question we here at Fan Diego get a lot is: Which fans are easy to install?

    In the prior blog, I opined about which fan(s) is the easiest to install. To recap, I think the Concept II and the Traditional Concept by Minka Aire are the easiest fans to install.

    Now, having said that, I will discuss a few other fans that are very high quality and very easy to install. The Casablanca Stealth and the Casablanca Bel Air fans are among the highest quality fans you will find, are very easy to install and are very nicely styled fans.

    The Casablanca Bel Air is one of the best air movers in the Casablanca line and is one of my favorites because of its exceptional styling and air movement efficiency. I think this is fan is an example of understated elegance. It is sleek and stylish, but not too contemporary yet it isn’t burdened with excessive decorative accents.

    The Stealth is another example of an exceptionally styled ceiling fan. For the last 20 years, the Casablanca Stealth has been THE contemporary classic. Every fan maker currently in the business and most that have tried their hand at fan making have attempted to make a knocked off this fan. I can’t think of one company that hasn’t. And, very few have created anything that still has the enduring appeal of the Casablanca Stealth.

    Part of the reason that these fans are so easy to install is a function of the control system Casablanca uses. With fans of this caliber, Casablanca uses their Inteli-Touch system, which means that the controls are inside the housing so there are only two wires coming out of the top of the fan for installation. With most other fans, you have to wire in the receiver and this can turn a few minutes on the ladder connection wires to many minute up on a ladder connecting wires. Yeah, I’m a complete fan guy, but I can think of quite a few things I would rather do than being up on a ladder wiring fans.

    Here is what is involved in hanging the Casablanca Stealth and the Casablanca Bel Air.

    1. Open the box and inspect the contents.
    2. Connect the mounting bracket to the J box and connect the canopy to the mounting bracket.
    3. Attach the blades to the fan.
    4. Attach the down rod to the fan.
    5. Hang the fan in the canopy.
    6. Attach the final part of the canopy – easy to do / difficult to explain.
    7. Screw in the light bulb – do not touch the glass of the bulb with your fingers because the oil from your fingers can reduce the lifespan of your bulb and/or cause it to explode.
    8. Insert the glass or the non-light kit cover plate
    9. Follow the instructions to program the remote.
    10. Enjoy your new fan.

    The Casablanca Stealth is available with their standard, excellent XLP2000 motor or with the ultra efficient DC motor. The Bel Air is available only with the standard XLP2000 motor.

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    How-to remove glass from your Ceiling Fan easily

    In the last couple blog posts, I discussed various ways to solve the problem of removing glass from your ceiling fan. Now, I will offer my best suggestion to ensure that you don’t have to break the glass out of your ceiling fan again: Use Vaseline.

    Tried and true, Vaseline works. Here’s what we do at Fan Diego. Before you install the glass onto your light kit, take a SMALL amount of Vaseline and apply it onto the ring of the that inserts into the light kit – or you can apply a little to the inside of the light kit that the glass recesses into. Either will work. Just don’t over do it. Too much Vaseline can prohibit the glass from properly sitting to the light kit. Just enough will serve as a lubricant when you need to get it out.

    I know a few of you are probably worried about the glass falling out due to the lubricant and catching a kid on the noggin or scaring the daylights out of the sleeping dog. This is why you only use a little bit of Vaseline and why you make sure the glass is properly seated into the light fixture. Glass that is made to recess into a light kit is made to fit or lock into place. Don’t just put the glass into the light kit and give it an easy turn. Place the glass into the light kit and twist firmly with both hands. When done properly, you will feel the glass lock into place.

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    How-to Remove Glass Safely from Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

    First, the Supra Special (F563 and F569) family of fans offer an exceptional value for the shopper looking for a fan that is decently styled, moves a lot of air and comes with a light kit. We display multiple versions of these fans in all of our showrooms and, resultingly, we sell a ton of them.

    We also get a lot of phone calls about how to remove the glass once on the light kit. The Supra Special fans (F563 and F569 models) come with a light kit that uses a 100 watt halogen bulb and this bulb gets hot. The heat emitted from this bulb often causes the glass to slightly expand. Although the glass will contract a little as it cools from the light being off, this expansion of the glass has the effect of kind of cooking it into place. Once this has happened, unfortunately, it is very difficult to remove the glass without breaking it.

    Here are the steps we go through to remove the glass from a Minka Aire Supra Special:

    1. Make sure the light has been off for a few hours and the glass is cool to the touch.
    2. Lightly, but firmly tap around the ring of the glass that connects to the base of the light kit. You may have to do this a few times.
    3. Slightly lift the glass and turn clockwise. You will need two hands because you will have to twist this glass harder than you normally would.
    4. Be careful. Often times when trying to remove the glass, you will be on a ladder, step stool or other wise awkwardly balanced and twisting as hard as you need to may cause you to fall if the glass does come out.
    5. If the glass does not come out, you will have to break it out.

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