how to choose the right ceiling fan

Casablanca Fan Company introduced the very first Casablanca fan in 1974 as a belt-driven fan for commercial use. Burton A. Burton, a California entrepreneur, is the founder of Casablanca Fan Company. Burton had a thing for antiques that drove him to create and explore vintage fans. His perspective on the ceiling fan was an essential element of home décor and much more than an appliance, but it set in place a belief system that they continue to champion at Casablanca today.

Casablanca is perceived as the world's finest ceiling fan brand. They are dedicated to creating exquisite ceiling fans that are forever unrivaled in beauty and performance. The company members are based in Memphis and Tennessee. They were driven by pioneering innovation, passionate artistry, and superior craftsmanship principles. The Casablanca team use these strengths in everything they do, from the way they seek out the exceptional, to the way they rigorously test their fans far beyond requirements.

One of our staff favorites is the 52 inch Casablanca Piston model.  This beauty boasts a whopping 52" that's more than adequate in keeping a large room cool. It also features damp rated fans which mean they are moisture resistant and includes a 4 speed handheld remote control. 

Today, ceiling fan functions are illuminative and decorative. The fans can serve as a focal point that inspires a room’s entire look and feel. It can be the final thought that ties everything together. And whatever’s next in the future of ceiling fans, you can count on Casablanca to be at the forefront of that evolution—always going for the extraordinary, pushing boundaries and raising the bar. Or should we say - blade.

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