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how to choose the right ceiling fan

The ceiling fan manufacturer Emerson is deeply rooted in the industry. Back in 1890, the company was known as Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company, which was established in St. Louis, MO. It was not until 1895 when the company introduced its first Emerson ceiling fan, which allowed many high-rise buildings to become more comfortable despite the rising heat. From this point, Emerson established itself in the ceiling fan industry and grew exponentially. It was not until 1986, in which research and development birthed the K55 motor with a Silent Rubber Hub, becoming the industry standard for quiet and high performance motors. Flash forward to the year of 2007, the motor has evolved into a modern masterpiece, also known as Emerson’s Direct Current EcoMotor, dominating as the most efficient (three times more efficient than typical ceiling fan motors) in the ceiling fan industry.

One of Emerson’s strongest assets is its energy efficient motors, with an epic history of being known as the first company to create the world’s first alternating current electric fan motor. With a breakthrough in technology, and 125 years to adapt, grow, and age, it’s no wonder why they are still setting the industry standard with timeless ceiling fans. Emerson ceiling fans have many thought-forward and progressive attributes associated with its design, making them elegant, modern, and a staple amongst ceiling fan brands. If you're in the hunt for Emerson ceiling fans, you can visit many of our stores in person in San Diego County. Any order above $100 gets free ground shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States.

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