how to choose the right ceiling fan

Fanimation has been serving the ceiling fan industry for more than 30 years, starting out in Pasadena, California. Tom Frampton designed and created the first Fanimation fan, known as the The Punkah, which would ultimately brand Fanimation for their historic designs inspired by worldwide travel. The success from The Punkah and Fanimation as a whole, serving 1,500 showrooms in 23 different countries internationally.

As a family business, Fanimation was built on innovation. Tom Frampton transformed the ordinary fan into an element and focal of design. Today, Tom’s son now leads the charge on continuing innovation by combining the design element with sustainability and technology. The company instills its values in any form of business, from using recycled packing for its products and using their energy efficient lighting in all of their warehouses and shipping facilities.

Fanimation utilizes their new technology 'fanSync', which gives consumers the power to easily control the ceiling fan with the touch of a finger. This feature integrates Bluetooth technology into the ceiling fan receiver, so it can be operated directly from your smartphone or smart device. This app is available to iOS and Android devices. You can use multiple devices to control a single fan, or just one device to control multiple ceiling fans. Talk about innovation!

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