As a part of Generation Brands company who innovates with lighting, home decor and improvement, Monte Carlo was founded in 1996 and branded for their trendy and fashion forward ceiling fans and accessories, with many styles, sizes, and finishes. As the years progressed, Monte Carlo fans have continued to impress ceiling fan consumers for their outstanding build quality and customer service.

Monte Carlo fans are also engineered to work efficiently, granting them as Energy Star compliant. Powerful energy (yet efficient) motors and blades ensure a silent experience, along with incorporating optimal air movement. 

This ceiling fan company prides itself most on their excellent customer service, as they have been striving to exceed customer experience and expectations since 1996. Globally building the company and its team since then, Monte Carlo has continued to include customer service as its top priority.

A big factor in Monte Carlo’s product lines are their ability to adapt to any home decor. Their products range from designs to fit traditional yet classy settings to ceiling fans that are influenced by the latest trends, fashion designs, or nature. Each fan is meticulously handled, starting from a blank canvas for each design team. This wide variety of premium built and customizable products has propelled the ceiling fan company to new heights, continuing their success to the present day.

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