Hanging Distance

Most fans come out of the box made to be installed on a standard, eight foot ceiling. They will generally include and small 2 to 3 inch down rod as well as a slightly longer 4.5 or 6 inch down rod. For an eight foot ceiling, use the smaller down rod. Federal Building code requires that the blades hang at least seven foot from the floor. Most fans include down rods that will enable them to be accord with federal code.

For taller ceilings, use this guide. By using this guide with taller ceilings, this will put the blades of you fan at or close to the 8’ foot level which is the height of your average ceiling. 

9’ ceilings: 6” down rod

10” ceilings: 12” down rod

11” ceilings: 24” down rod

12” ceilings: 36” down rod

13” ceilings: 48” down rod

14” ceilings: 60” down rods

15” ceilings: 72” down rods