The fan you chose comes with a pull chain.

This means that you control the fan's speed and/or light by pull chain.

There are no "portable" or "wireless" electronics involved such as a remote control or electronic wall control. So with a pull chain ceiling fan, you tend to have less maintenance issues and less problems with the fan over time. 

You can also add a hard-wired wall control that can control the speed of the fan and the lights separately, if you're wired for it.

  • We recommend pull chain ceiling fans if:

  • You want to save money

  • You want less problems with your ceiling fan (ie: in your rentals)

  • If you have tall ceilings (receivers for wireless controls tend to be against the ceiling, electricians tend to charge more if your ceiling is greater than 15' --- If you want electronics, check out DC fans since the receiver is around the motor)