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Santee, formerly known as Cowleston, remains as one of the cities that has opportunities to grow. It is located in the eastern part of San Diego County and is situated between hills and encircled by lakes. Despite the fact that it is part of the East County region, it is just 29 km away from the Pacific Ocean. If you live in Santee or just even planning to visit, you can spend your time outdoors with your family and do activities such as fishing, camping, or hiking.

Santee prides itself in investing in ways that will improve the quality-of life of its residents. When in Santee, you will enjoy the balance between open space and the convenience of shopping in its retail core. As a matter of fact, Santee is poised to be the first jurisdiction to complete its portion of the cross-county San Diego River Trail which is a multi-use path that improve the city’s walkability and bikeability.

Part of Santee’s key attributes is the sunny climate enjoyed by its visitors and local residents. Summers are usually short, hot, and mostly clear in Santee. On the other hand, winters are long and partly cloudy. If you live in Santee, you may visit Fan Diego to check out the huge selection that we offer when it comes to dependable brands of ceiling fans to help get you through hot summers. After all, we are your #1 ceiling fan experts. Ceiling fans are a great choice to improve the airflow in your home. Not looking for a ceiling fan but for lighting fixtures? We have that available for you as well. Lighting fixtures enhances the aesthetic appeals, ambiance, and even the mood of the space. Ceiling fans and lighting fixtures are the best elements to use to combine both functionality and style.

Fan Diego provides you with a wide selection of great and dependable ceiling fan brands and services. Fan Diego has been assisting thousands of happy clients in Palm Springs for many years. We strive to provide you with all major brands under one roof to save you time and money. Keep in mind we offer wholesale prices. We'll work with you to identify appropriate solutions for fan and lighting services to upgrade your Palm Springs home. Give us a call for installation tips, troubleshooting, or other fan/lighting related questions. For more information about Palm Springs fan products, call us at 800-240-6267.

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